Established in 1998 as an NCGA affiliated club, we were formed to provide a venue for senior men, 
         50 years old and older to play competitive golf on a weekly basis.

         Our club day is Wednesday and we have a tournament each week.  All members are expected to play
         in the weekly tournament and put $5.00 in the pot for prize money.  The prize money is on the books in
         the Pro shop and can be used for purchases there.

        Tournaments with other clubs in the area are also held during the year, both at home and away.
        An annual club tournament  also held in the fall with prizes awarded to the club champion
        and the winners of the various flights.

       We average around 120 members in the club from year to year and about a half of them play in our
       weekly tournaments. Cost for annual membership is reasonable at $80.00.  This cost does include
       membership in the NCGA for handicapping purposes.  Green fees are additional.

       Some members pay their green fees as they go, some are annual members of the course, and some
       use Marshall vouchers that they have earned working at Rooster Run.

      Tee times on Wednesday are on a "first come, first served" basis and booked the previous week.
      The first three tee times are reserved for club officers to facilitate their meeting which takes place
      after the tournaments.

      If you are interested in joining our club you can drop by the pro shop and ask for an application,
      download one from this web site or contact one of the officers listed below.

                        Wayne Stefenoni, President - Phone: 707-953-3728 - Email:   
                        John Stuart, Vice President - Phone: 805-550-0073 - Email:

Bill Johns, Rules Chairman- Phone: 707-888-7245 - Email:

                Jim Troup, Secretary - Phone: 475-222-6003 - Email:

                         Lew Larson, Treasurer - Phone: 707-829-2624 - Email:

Augie Rivas, Tournament Chairman - Phone: 707-479-5691 - Email:
                         Dave Ashe, Handicap Chairman - Phone: 707-327-8788  - Email: