Rooster Run Senior Men’s Club

Board of Directors

December 11, 2019 – Minutes

Mary’s Pizza, East Petaluma


Meeting called to order:  Meeting called to order by Wayne Stefenoni at 12:45 pm.

Roll Call:  Wayne Stefenoni, Dave Ashe, Bill Johns, Lew Larson, Augie Rivas, John Stuart, Jim Troup

Minutes: Stuart moved to approve minutes as distributed, Ashe seconded, unanimous vote for approval.

Treasurer’s Report:  Discussion occurred.  Only two of the 2019 members have not yet paid.  Lew is working on that.  Rivas moved approval, Ashe seconded, unanimous vote for approval.


Old Business:


  1. Upcoming holidays: Reminder sheet will be placed on registration table that there will be no tournaments held on December 25 and January 1.


  2. Club wall.  Ashe reported that Rob stated that the Club may use the wall to the left of the men’s room door for a board to hold plaques, minutes, etc.  He will get prices.


  3. Rules and Regs.  The latest draft of the Clubs Rules and Regs was discussed.  Number 9:  will apply to out-of-bounds balls only.  Number 11:  Will reference World Handicap System as to maximum score on each hole each member can post.  New Rules and Regs will be effective 1/1/20.  Troup will prepare final draft and circulate to Board members.  Ashe moved and Rivas seconded approval; unanimous vote.


  4. World Handicap System.  Rivas and Ashe reported on the NCGA meeting they attended on the World Handicap System—to go into effect in January.  As for education of the membership, Ashe will draft  a letter he will eventually send to all members explaining the new system.

                                                                                                                                   New Business:

  1. Legal status of Club.  Club’s status seems to be in limbo.  Stuart will contact the NCGA to get advice on this matter and to find out how we could obtain liability protection for the Board.

  2. New Website.  Rivas presented the status and discussion occurred.  Each member must sign in on the new website and sign up for play each week.  He will proceed and inform members of how this will work, and IDs and passwords will be issued.

  3. New software.  This is called Tournament Manager and has been purchased by the Club.  Rivas is in the process of setting it up.  This will also take care of the Club’s new website.


All Officers:  Other business: 

  1. Bylaws will be on the next meeting agenda.  All members should read Stuart’s draft.

  2. Orientation packet for new members will be discussed at next meeting.  Stefenoni to lead this effort.


Next Meeting will be January 8.

Meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm


Board of Directors


November 6, 2019 – Minutes

Mary’s Pizza, East Petaluma



Board Members:       President – Steve Goldberg

                                   Vice President – Mike Wachter

                                   Treasurer – Lew Larson

                                   Tournament Chairman – Augie Rivas

                                   Secretary  -  Wayne Stefenoni

                                   Handicap Chairman – Dave Ashe