Rooster Run Senior Men’s Club



1. All players MUST pay $5.00 tournament fee prior to teeing off and be ready to play at their 
designated tee time. Not paying fee will result in disqualification.

2. Weekly sign-up sheet will post on the web site for the following week.  All tee times with openings must be filled before adding any new tee times.

3. If you DO NOT show-up for two consecutive weeks without cancelling your tee time your name will be removed from the sign-up sheet.

4. All tournaments are set-up to be played as Foursome’s unless noticed otherwise.

5.  Everyone starts on the first tee unless directed otherwise.

6. Summer Rules: Play the ball down no bumping, regardless of the lie. Hole out all putts.  Summer rules will be played from April first to September thirtieth 

7. Winter Rules/Preferred lies: Clean and Place Rule. Players may lift, clean and place their ball within 6 inches, not nearer the hole, except on a green or in a hazard.  If the ball starts out in the rough your drop must stay in the rough. Hole out all putts.  Winter rules will be played from October first to March thirty first.

8.  Abnormal Ground Conditions/Embedded Ball (Rule 25-1):  All areas that are without grass such as left side of holes 3 and 9 are considered ground under repair free drop to an area with grass no closer to the hole.  However, if your ball is up against the fence and is unplayable you must proceed under rule 28 (ball unplayable).  Then if your ball does not land on grass you may place it on grass no closer to the hole. If your ball or your stance is in any area that has been dug up by a foreign animal will also be considered ground under repair and you will be allowed a free drop but no closer to the hole.  “Through the Green” A ball embedded in its own pitch-mark may be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near to the original lie but no closer to the hole.

9. Lost Ball: When your ball is lost and you and your playing partners agree that the ball would have been in play and you are unable to find the ball for the sake of the pace of play drop the ball where you believe the ball to be and add one stroke to your score.  

10. All play will be in accordance with USGA rules, club rules and local rules as posted or printed on the scorecard. 

11. The actual score you make on a hole is the score you will turn in for tournament purposes. No adjusted scores are to be used for tournament purposes, only for posting with NCGA to handicaps. If we are playing a game that all scores don’t count you may pick up and put your equitable score down with an “x” showing that the score does not count.

            9 or less double bogie

            10 through 19 post 7

            20 through 29 post 8

            31 through 36 post 9.

12. Slower groups must allow following foursome to play through.

13. The following will be grounds for disqualifications:

             A.    Not having Last name and first initial on the scorecard.

             B.    Scorecards having bets, number of putts, etc. on the card.

             C.   Scorecards not being legible.

             D.   Name on the post-it not being legible.

             E.    Scorecards not turned in.

             F.    Not Paying your entry fee.

14. Scorecards will be turned in when finishing the round. No changes will be allowed and no cards turned in at a later date.

15.  In the event of a shotgun-start, members will be informed at an earlier date of the rules.

16.  If there are less than 30 members participating (after disqualifications) it will be a skins game (closest to the hole will be eliminated on skins game).

17.  Closest to the hole will be on all par 3’s unless noticed otherwise by the Tournament Chairman.  Scorecards must be turned in to be eligible to win closest to the hole.  If you have been disqualified from the tournament you are not eligible to win closest to the hole.  If you withdraw from the tournament your scorecard must show that you have played through the par 3’s that you may be eligible to win.

18. The NCGA handicap revision on the first of the month will be used for tournament purposes, unless stated otherwise by the Tournament Chairman.

19. When we have a skins game as a special tournament.  In order to play in the skins game you must pay five dollars ($5) in each event.

20. All RRSMGC members have the option to play from either the red tees, the red/white combo tees or the white tees. EVERYONE must indicate on your scorecard which tees you are playing, W for white tees; C for combo tees and R for red tees. If you DO NOT indicate which tees you are playing you will default to the red tees with four stroke less from the red tee handicap..

21. In accordance with "The NCGA Handicap Manual", under the section titled, "Players competing from different tees", there must be compensation given. "Different tees usually have different ratings. Because a USGA Course Rating reflects the probable score of a scratch golfer, the higher rated course is more difficult, and the player playing from the set of tees with the higher USGA Course Rating receives additional strokes equal to the difference between each USGA Course Rating, with .5 or greater rounded upward. The additional strokes are added to the player playing from the higher-rated set of tees. ALTERNATIVELY, it is permissible to subtract the extra handicap strokes from the course handicap of the player playing from the tees with the lower rating. The rating for the red tees is 65.6 the rating from the white tees is 69.1 the difference is 3.5, roundup makes the difference 4. That is how many strokes that will be deducted from the red tee handicap.

There will be a two stroke adjustment when playing the red/white combo tees.